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business professionals at a meeting table


Because colleges and universities are more focused on outcomes than ever before, it is increasingly important to reconsider how students interact with enrollment, registration and financial aid systems as a decisive factor between institutions who maintain the status quo and those who truly make a difference.


Edamerica consultants help clients achieve higher levels of retention and graduation by reviewing student services for improvement opportunities.

business professionals at a meeting table

Our recommendations serve to:

  • • Increase Retention Percentages
  • • Improve Graduation/Completion Rates
  • • Maximize Performance-based Funding Incentives
  • • Improve Score Card Rankings
  • • Reduce Operational Costs

Areas of expertise:

  • • Admission
  • • Financial Aid
  • • Registrar
  • • Bursar
  • • New Student Orientation
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Advance Your
Student Success

We exist to provide solutions that support your mission to serve students. Connect with our knowledgeable marketing representatives to learn more about the custom solutions that we can provide for your college.

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