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Default Prevention Services

With over 18 years of experience, Edamerica understands that higher education clients need flexibility. Our approach to default prevention offers a comprehensive solution along with the option to select individual services that meet specific institutional strategies. You choose the program that is right for your school.

smiling college graduates

Grace Counseling

  • • Informative Outreach
  • • Borrower Education
  • • Re-enrollment Counseling

Delinquency Resolution

  • • Flexible Program Options
  • • Results-driven Strategies
  • • Targeted Outreach

Cohort Strategies

  • • New Borrower Counseling
  • • Loan Appeals
  • • Self-service Software
  • • Defaulted Borrower Assistance

Cohort Tool

This graph is not viewable on a mobile device, but you are still able to generate the most up to date version of the cohort graph by clicking "PRINT". To save the document to your mobile device, select "Print to PDF" as your print destination.

Cohort consists of all borrowers entering repayment from Oct 1 - Sept 30

Defaulted population can qualify for rehabilitation until Nov 30th of the third year of monitoring

New delinquencies can no longer affect the Cohort Default Rate after Oct 7th of the third year of monitoring

* This graph provides estimations only and should not be used for official reporting.

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